Saturday, May 3, 2014

Star Wars Assault Team: Best Team for Special Missions

Welcome to Stuff For Guys, where you'll find information about a lot of useless stuff, an occasional useful stuff, but it's all stuff for guys.  This post will cover what I believe to be the best team to take into your Special Missions.  I'll talk about the different strategies of the characters and how they work together.  Feel free to add your own opinion in the comments section!

Just some general notes before proceeding -- for Special Missions, the preference is to go with characters that can deal damage to multiple opponents.  For Arena battles, the preference is to use characters that have strong single-opponent damage.  For the reasons why, just keep reading.

Special Missions
For all of the Special Missions, I have just one go-to team, my All-Stars.  3 of the 4 guys can do damage to multiple opponents, so it makes the job go faster.  This is especially true for you guys that play the same missions over and over in hopes of getting enough Training Items or that last Promotion Item needed.

Special Missions All-Star Team

  • SpecForce Infiltrator (Rebel Soldier) can deal damage to all opponents (whether that's 1 or 5 opponents) with his special Thermal Detonator (see the video in this post).  He's ideal for missions because the majority of the opponents in the missions, even the Tier 5 ones, are not that strong.  I put him first so that he gets the most chances to charge up his special.  He is not ideal for Arena battles because his special takes too long to charge (5 bars; he starts with 1) and his special is too weak to take out most of the guys that you'll face there.  Whenever I've faced SpecForce Infiltrator in Arena battles, I've killed him before he can get his special off.
  • Leia Organa can deal damage to any 3 opponents with her special Triple Shot.  She's ideal for missions because pretty much all of the opponents will fall from that Triple Shot when she's powered up enough.  She needs 4 bars to charge and goes into battle with 2 of those bars.  I used to employ her in Arena battles but it's rare for her to take down a single opponent in one turn.  I put her second in Special Missions because her special takes the second-longest to charge.
  • Gotal Hunter can deal damage to any 3 adjacent opponents with his special Thermite Grenade. The trick is to put him in the third slot on the team so that your first 2 characters kill the first guys, and Gotal takes care of the remaining 2 or 3 opponents.  Gotal uses to take just 2 bars to charge his special, making him a must-have for missions, but the v1.2 update changed that to 3 bars.  At Tier 5 Level 35, he can take down most opponents with one try.
  • Han Solo can be substituted for any other character that has a high damage level here.  His single attack can take down any opponent in Special Missions when he's leveled up high enough, and his special Lucky Shot can come in handy for those few opponents that need to be killed right away, such as a high-level Katarn or Savrip that is ready to rebuff one of your characters.  I keep Han Solo in the fourth slot because I rarely end up using his special power.  If there was a fourth character that can damage multiple opponents at the same time, then Han Solo would get replaced by that guy.

Teams for campaign missions and Arena battles will be covered in future posts.  Enjoy the game and thanks for reading!

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