Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Star Wars Assault Team: More Tier 5 Gameplay

Welcome to Stuff For Guys, where you'll find information about a lot of useless stuff, an occasional useful stuff, but it's all stuff for guys.  Some of you have asked for more gameplay videos, so here are some more Tier 5 and Tier 4 Special Missions Training ones.

My team of choice here is SpecForce Infiltrator (Tier 5 Rebel Soldier), Leia, Gotal Hunter and either Han Solo, IG-88 or Chewbacca. This is a fun team because 3 out of 4 of them can attack multiple opponents, which is perfect for expediting those tedious missions. I wouldn't use this team for Arena Battles though. Make sure you check out the way that SpecForce Infiltrator uses his awesome Thermal Detonator -- it's quite entertaining.

Weapon Tier 5 Promotion Gameplay

Weapon Tier 5 Training Gameplay

Armor Tier 5 Training Gameplay

Mechanical Tier 5 Training Gameplay

Survival Tier 4 Training Gameplay

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