Saturday, May 24, 2014

Star Wars Assault Team: Win New Creatures Special Mission

Welcome to Stuff For Guys, where you'll find information about a lot of useless stuff, an occasional useful stuff, but it's all stuff for guys.  The team at LucasArts and Disney Mobile have released a new Star Wars Assault Team Special Mission called "Win New Creatures" where you can get beasts that were pretty much unavailable before May 22, 2014.  You'll need 2 droids for each mission, so get your bots ready!  You can also see my youtube gameplay of all 3 missions on Epic difficulty in this post.

Since LucasArts still doesn't get the concept of consistent GUI design (see this post and this post), the placement of these new special missions varied from the first day of offering (May 22) and on.

Win New Creatures is on bottom right on May 22

Win New Creatures is on top left on May 23

Win New Creatures is on top left on May 24

There are 3 mission sets:
  • Watch-Beast Battle Royale, where you can "win a Watch-Beast in Lady Valarian's arena"
  • Enter the Massiff, where you "rescue moisture farmers from Tusken Raiders to win a Massiff"
  • Infestation, where you "clear the streets of Mos Espa to win new Beasts and promotion items"

The Watch-Beast missions, which only cost 4 Energy per battle, will provide a Tier 2 Watch-Beast and up.  I played it 3 times (1 for each difficulty) and got 1 Tier 2 Watch-Beast and 1 Tier 1 Massiff.  I was a bit confused on why I got the Massiff, but since I didn't have a Massiff yet, I didn't really complain.

After getting the Watch-Beast, this is typical of an Epic battle reward set:

The Massiff missions, which cost 6 Energy per battle, will provide -- you guessed it -- a Massiff.  I played it 1 time and got 1 Tier 2 Massiff.  All other instances did not provide anymore creatures/beasts.  What I really wanted was to play the next set of missions.

After getting the Massiff, this is typical of an Epic battle reward set:

The Infestation missions, which cost 8 Energy per battle, promised to reward you with "new Beasts". One would hope that meant a Spider, a Spider, or... a Spider.  Instead, it offered a different surprise.  I didn't get a single beast, and neither did any of the other folks that I talked to or that posted on some of the popular forums.  Instead, what these missions provided were a random lot of Tier 3 and Tier 4 promotion items, with an occasional rare Arena Crate or Hero Crate item, such as Sabacc Cards (see this Reddit post) or the Medal of Alderaan.

Reddit user Nutty101 got Sabacc Cards and the sometimes rare Servomotor:

Reddit user Dog Ravioli got Medal of Alderaan:

I got a bunch of random items:

If you need a rare crate item, then playing these missions may help.  If not, then the collective experience seems to be that no beasts will be rewarded or only on very rare occasions.  In either case, enjoy the game and thanks for reading!

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