Friday, May 2, 2014

Star Wars Assault Team: Version 1.2 Update Released

Welcome to Stuff For Guys, where you'll find information about a lot of useless stuff, an occasional useful stuff, but it's all stuff for guys.  The team at LucasArts and Disney Mobile have released a version upgrade (v1.2) to the Star Wars Assault Team game on May 1, 2014.  While it addressed many important bugs, it also introduced some cool new features as well as another round of bugs.  Here are some of the noteworthy changes, in approximate order of most significant to least:

NEW: Special Mission for Characters
The most obvious change in the v1.2 upgrade is new limited-time missions that allow you to get characters that are not accessible through campaign missions.  The first one is for IG-88, and there will undoubtedly be other characters after this.  The basis for that mission is to play for a new special character card that is useless in battles, but can be promoted using special promotion items (also new).  Check out the screenshots below.  Additionally, there is now a change to the Special Missions screen.  Oh, one more thing -- if you already have IG-88, don't bother with this mission -- you can't have 2 IG-88s on the same team.  [Update: See my full detailed post about this mission.]

Updated Special Missions Screen

Mission Rewards from the IG-88 Mission (Normal)

Mission Rewards from the IG-88 Mission (Normal)

New IG-88 Chassis Promotion Process

New IG-88 Chassis Character Card

1 of 3 New IG-88 Special Promotion Items

"I'm sorry, you may only have one IG-88 in your Mission Team"

FIXED: Special Mission Rewards
Prior to v1.2, the 6-Energy Tier 4 missions would often reward you with just Tier 2 and Tier 1 items.  If you wanted a guaranteed Tier 4 item, you would have to play the 8-Energy Tier 4 missions.  The v1.2 upgrade seems to have corrected that for the Survival and Force missions so far -- it remains to be seen if all of the other affinity missions were fixed as well.  This is a very significant bug fix (some may argue that it's more significant than the new character special missions), as playing the 6-Energy missions used to resemble playing a slot machine.

One thing to note is that the Survival Training missions produced actual Tier 1 Training Item boxes very consistently, but the Force Training missions rarely ever provided those.  The Force Training missions instead provided credit items like Pike, Lightsaber Scraps, etc, that are not compatible with the straight flush level upgrade combination.  Don't know what a straight flush level upgrade combo is?  Then check out my previous post on basic strategy.

BUG NOT FIXED: Still No Tier 4 Arena Crates
As mentioned in this post, LucasArts goofed and had to remove the Tier 4 Arena Crates.  Their support team said that this would be fixed in v1.2, but that has not happened for all of the players interviewed for this post.  Hopefully they'll correct this soon, as it makes it very difficult to promote characters to Tier 5 if they require Promotion Items that can only be found in Arena Crates or Hero Crates.

NEW: Character Attack and Health Changed
Many of the characters had their attack and health numbers modified.  Some of the offense-oriented (high-attack) characters like Leia Organa, Han Solo and 4-LOM had their attack reduced and their health increased.  Some of the defense-oriented (high health) characters like Chewbacca and Terentatek had their attack increased and their health reduced.  In addition, some characters also had the number of charging bars for their special move modified (usually for the worse).  This is such a huge topic that it will be covered in its own post.  Here is just one example, to whet your appetite:

Han Solo before v1.2 update: 705 attack, 1066 health, 2.3x Lucky Shot

Han Solo after v1.2 update: 668 attack, 1264 health, 2.4x Lucky Shot

NEW: One-Time Gem Offer
This one's pretty cool, although it still costs money.  For $1.99 (plus local sales tax), you can purchase 15 Corusca Gems.  Normal price for 16 gems is $4.99.  Once you redeem that one-time offer, it will go away and you won't have access to it anymore (hence the label "one-time").

NEW BUG: Game Connections Message EVERY TIME
If you've played the game after downloading the v1.2 update, then you've definitely noticed this message showing up all the time.  When you first start the game, when you toggle back to the game from another app, when you unlock your phone and return to the game... we get the point, LucasArts.  Now make it stop.

NEW BUG: Special Missions Screen Inconsistent
This could be intentional or accidental by LucasArts, but it should be considered a bug.  A good graphical user interface (GUI) designer knows that GUIs need to be consistent.  In the 2 days following the v1.2 release, the missions are located in different positions on each day.  This leads to confusion.  Whether this is bad design or a bad bug, bottom line is that it needs to be fixed.

Special Missions Screen on Thursday, May 1

Special Missions Screen on Friday, May 2

NEW BUG: Invisible Inventory Items
Scroll around in your inventory after installing the v1.2 upgrade.  Sometimes you'll notice that your items become invisible.  Not to worry though, you didn't lose them -- they're just temporarily hidden from view.  Exit out and go back in and you'll see them again.

Invisible Tier 5 Item

Invisible Tier 4 Item

Invisible Tier 3 Item

NEW BUG: Gangnam Style Boba Fett
On certain missions, Boba Fett becomes really big.  When he activates his rocket pack and tries to dodge your attacks, he looks like he's doing the Gangnam Style dance.  I like this bug, I hope they don't fix it for a while.

Boba would make PSY proud

NEW BUG: You Lost! [NULL] Trophies
When you don't have any arena bounties to lose, but you still lose an arena battle, the prior version of the game used to tell you that you lost 0 trophies.  Now it just tells you that you lost trophies, which was a bit confusing at first, because you didn't actually lose any trophies.

There are a number of other minor changes and bugs, but not all are worth mentioning.  Post a comment if you see something that wasn't mentioned here, but deserves to be highlighted.  Enjoy the game and thanks for reading!

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