Sunday, June 8, 2014

Star Wars Assault Team: Credit Missions v1.2.4

Welcome to Stuff For Guys, where you'll find information about a lot of useless stuff, an occasional useful stuff, but it's all stuff for guys.  This post will cover some of the results that you can expect from the Star Wars Assault Team Sunday Credit Missions now that the game has gone through some additional fixes and upgrades.  The last time that I discussed Credit Missions was over a month ago in this post.  A lot has changed since then -- the mission costs went down to 4 Energies and the missions seem to have gotten harder (probably because they cost less now).

Back on May 3 to May 4, I got 1823 to 3924 credits per mission with the average being 2645 across 30 missions.  This time (June 7 to June 8), I got 1320 to 3888 credits per mission with the average being 2685 across 60 (if you calculate it, that comes out to 24 hours of straight playing) missions.  So the high and low outliers dipped lower, but the overall average remained about the same.  Here the screenshots:

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  1. My credits for killing enemies and in general are much lower than this. Usually within 100-200 range. On T3 training/promo missions, less than 100, sometimes 48. Been playing since early April and never had increases despite heavier hitting heroes.

    I recorded credit runs a couple weeks ago and my average was your low score.

    The Lamproids missions have made up for this, dropping more promo items than can be stored. Credit balance higher than when credit runs paid decently.