Saturday, June 21, 2014

Star Wars Assault Team: Looking for IG-88?

Welcome to Stuff For Guys, where you'll find information about a lot of useless stuff, an occasional useful stuff, but it's all stuff for guys.  Are you still looking for IG-88, that goofy droid bounty hunger in Star Wars Assault Team?  Did you miss the IG-88 Special Mission a while back?  Have no fear, he's very popular right now among the folks who are packing Arena Crates.  I just got 2 of him in the past 2 days, and I already have him at Tier 5 Level 35.  And since you can't deploy more than 1 IG-88 on a mission team, I have no choice but to get rid of him.  Once you do get IG-88, check out the steps needed to level him up and the promotion items required.

These 2 Arena Crates were within 12 hours of each other:

UPDATE 6/24/14: 2 more Tier 2 Arena Crates (out of 13) that have IG-88:

Back in the days of Tier 4 Arena Crates, my friend landed IG-88 as a Tier 4 character:


  1. I opened at least 20 silver crates and got nothing but boba fett, which is awesome but his ability is a fail when compared to ig88 or 4lom. Thankfully the new arena update made it easier to get bounties, (after a while huge multipliers) and a got a silver in one round (no shields).

    1. You like the new arena? I think it's terrible. My team can win 4 or 5 battles, but now I'm capped to 3 battles because of my new "league" standings.

    2. LOL its cause my team is a failure (no ig88 or 4lom) and i steal bounties from noobs.