Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Star Wars Assault Team: IT-O Levels and Promotions

Welcome to Stuff For Guys, where you'll find information about a lot of useless stuff, an occasional useful stuff, but it's all stuff for guys.  Here are some of the screens of the training process for IT-O in Star Wars Assault Team.  I've never been a big fan of the IT-O because they used to cap out at Tier 4, but around June 27, 2014, LucasArts lifted that ceiling and IT-O (along with Katarns and Advozse) can now go up to Tier 5.

IT-O, like the Katarn Watch-BeastDuros and Jawa, is faster to level up than IG-88 and R2-D2 (and way faster than Spider and Terentatek) because he requires less XP than them, so you would think that IT-O are normal like AnzatShistavanenC-3PO and Sakiyan.  However, there is either a brand new category of XP requirements, or there was a recent change in the game that makes all normal characters slower to level up.  You know those guys at LucasArts -- always keeping us on our toes by introducing random changes!

For a list of the Promotion Items needed, please click on this post.  For an explanation on usage of the straight flush set of Training Items to level up quickly, click on this post.

Credit Requirements
This is a list of the total credits required for the entire leveling-up training process within each tier.  The assumption is that you are using the most optimal combination of Training Items.
  • Tier 2: 100 credits
  • Tier 3: 1,425 credits
  • Tier 4: 14,125 credits
  • Tier 5: N/A (Max is Tier 4) 60,950 credits
Promotion to Tier 3:

Promotion to Tier 4:

Promotion to Tier 5:

Tier 5 Levels:

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